What Makes Ba Na Hills So Captivating - Where Heaven and Earth Converge?

What Makes Ba Na Hills So Captivating - Where Heaven and Earth Converge?

If you're passionate about exploring unique tourist destinations, nestled amidst majestic natural landscapes, then Ba Na Hills is undoubtedly an unmissable destination. Known as the "Heavenly Scene on Earth," Ba Na Hills is one of Vietnam's wonders, blending natural landscapes with exquisite architecture, creating a mesmerizing picture.

Bà Nà Hills - Đà Nẵng
Ba Na Hills - Da Nang

1. Ba Na Hills Golf Club

Ba Na Hills Golf Club is an upscale 18-hole golf course located on the mystical road to Ba Na Hills. Just 30 minutes from the city center, this golf course offers an inspiring experience amidst the majestic mountain range. Recognized with numerous international awards, Ba Na Hills Golf Club proudly stands as Vietnam's longest golf course, with each hole uniquely designed and illuminated even at night. Additionally, the golf club features a high-quality Golf Academy, operated by PGA experts, ensuring a fantastic experience for all golfers.

Ba Na Hills Golf Club
Ba Na Hills Golf Club

Ba Na Hills Golf Club is the only golf course in Da Nang equipped with modern electric lights on all 18 holes, allowing golfers to play both day and night. Guests can complete the first 9 holes under the twilight and finish the remaining 9 holes with top-notch artificial lighting, with the lights on until 9 p.m. depending on weather conditions.

Ba Na Hills Golf Club
Ba Na Hills Golf Club at night

Dubbed as the "Best Golf Course in Vietnam," "Best New Golf Course in Asia-Pacific," or "Best New Golf Course in the World," Ba Na Hills Golf Club demands golfers to have diverse shots and good skills throughout 18 holes, making it a compelling destination not to be missed on the journey to explore Ba Na Hills.

2. Ba Na Cable Car - World's Leading Cable Car System

Embark on a high-altitude journey to explore Ba Na Hills with its impressive cable car system, achieving 4 Guinness World Records:

  • Longest cable car system in the world (5,771.61m)
  • Highest height difference between departure and arrival stations (1,368.93m)
  • Longest total cable length in the world (11,587m)
  • Heaviest cable in the world (141.24 tons)

Ba Na Cable Car
Ba Na Cable Car

During this adventurous journey, visitors will experience immersing themselves in nature, soaring amidst white clouds, admiring the beauty of primeval forests, and the mystical Toc Tien waterfall. It's also a great opportunity to "Check-in with the heavenly scenery."

3. Golden Bridge - Extremely "Hot" Check-in Spot at Ba Na Hills

The Golden Bridge, with its unique and creative architecture, is not only an icon of Ba Na Hills but also a source of pride for Da Nang and Vietnam. Recognized by The Guardian as one of the "most stunning pedestrian bridges in the world," the Golden Bridge leaves a strong impression on visitors from all over.

Golden Bridge
Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills

With giant hands embracing the golden silk strip, the Golden Bridge creates a magnificent picture between the sky and the Chua Mountain, attracting the attention of both domestic and international media. Located amidst clouds and mountains, the Golden Bridge provides a mesmerizing and fantastic experience for every visitor. This is the "hot" check-in spot not to be missed when visiting Da Nang. Photos at the Golden Bridge, from wedding photos, selfies to family or friends' photos, all become special and impressive.

4. French Village - Legend at Ba Na Hills

With buildings constructed in ancient French architecture, the French Village at Ba Na Hills resembles a small part of medieval France, mysterious and romantic, transporting visitors to the European Middle Ages. Covering an area of over 45,000 square meters, this village includes churches, town squares, and lively villages.

French Village
French Village at Ba Na Hills 

With 32 magnificent buildings, the French Village is an impressive virtual photo spot for millions of visitors. The romantic and dreamy scenery with the European breath here often makes visitors reluctant to leave.

5. Fantasy Park - Fantastic Family Experience

Fantasy Park, the largest indoor amusement park in Vietnam, offers fantastic fun for the whole family. With over 100 diverse games, both children and adults can find joy and entertainment in this space.

French Village
Fantasy Park at Ba Na Hills

The park is inspired by two famous literary works by French writer Jules Verne, "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth." This creates a mythical, attractive, and lively world, bringing players emotional experiences and unique entertainment space when coming to Ba Na.

6. Linh Ung Pagoda and Linh Phong Bao Thap - 9-story Tower Touching the Clouds

Linh Ung Pagoda, located at nearly 1,500m above sea level atop Ba Na, is a sacred place bringing peace to visitors. Combined with Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda and Linh Ung Ngu Hanh Son Pagoda, it forms the "three-legged frame" firmly protecting Da Nang. In front of the pagoda is a rare precious pine tree, a spiritual exploration point, and a beautiful natural sight.

French Village
Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Phong Bao Thap, towering nearly 1,500m above sea level, is a unique structure with a 9-story tower touching the clouds. Each tower level features a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Four Heavenly Kings, creating a sacred and majestic space. Visitors to Ba Na cannot miss this spiritual destination.

Linh Phong Bao Thap
Linh Phong Bao Thap

With its mystical beauty, comfortable space, and unique experiences, Ba Na Hills is truly an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy life and explore the beauty of nature. Plan your trip and immerse yourself in this marvelous space of Vietnam!

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